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Crab Rock Pizza
Garibaldi Gelato




Margherita- The most notorious Napoletana style pizza named after Queen Margherita of Savoy. Fresh mozzarella, fresh basil on Italian tomato sauce ......22
The Mariner- The oldest pie in Italy. Fed to the fishermen upon returning to shore. Depending on how skilled he was determined if fish might be added to the pie. Italian tomato sauce with slices of fresh garlic, oregano and olive oil......18   Anchovies....23
Sepp's Pie- Our most basic pie in honor of Giuseppe Garibaldi. Provolone and fresh mozzarella on Italian tomato sauce...20
The Dairyman- 4 cheese pizza with fresh mozzarella, Provolone, Parmesan and Romano cheeses on Italian tomato sauce....23
Surfman 514- The pizza that is sure to see our brave Coasties across the "jaws" of the jetty. An all meat pizza with fresh prosciutto, pepperoni, salami and house made Italian sausage topped with fresh mozzarella on Italian tomato sauce....28
The Salty Dog-  Chicken, Feta, Kalamata olives, sundried tomatoes, spinach, red onions, goat cheese with fresh mozzarella on pesto sauce....28
Land Ho!- Roasted chicken, spinach, olives, goat cheese, provolone and mozzarella cheese on a garlic buffalo sauce.....26
Riptide- pepperoni, house made Italian sausage with olives, onion, mushrooms and fresh mozzarella on Italian tomato sauce....28
Hobsonville-  our classic pepperoni pie.....22
Double Pepperoni....25  Add basil....23 
The Rough Bar- Proceed with Caution!  pepperoni, spicy Italian sausage, Calabrian peppers, fresh mozzarella on Italian tomato sauce, finished with a drizzle of MIke's Hot Honey.....26
The Pacific- Pineapple and fresh prosciutto, fresh mozzarella on Italian tomato sauce....24
Captain Gray- Napoli salami, fresh basil, bell peppers, red onions, pepperoncini with mozzarella and provolone on Italian tomato sauce ....26
The Butter Bar- In honor of Theresa's oldest son, Wolf, who has recently been commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in Oregon Nat. Guard, 41st Infantry (Sunset Division).  Pepperoni, Nduja sausage, provolone and mozzarella on Italian tomato sauce......26
The Jetty- Olives, onion, mushrooms, bell peppers, fresh cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella on Italian tomato sauce or pesto ....23
Greenside- Named for Theresa's youngest son, Konrad, who is serving "greenside" with the Marines as a Navy RPS. Roasted chicken, artichokes, and mushrooms on pesto.....25
The Landlubber- for those who prefer the shore...Spinach, onion, mushroom, fresh cherry tomatoes , fresh mozzarella, provolone on a garlic oil base....24
The Dory - an 8" pie for our younger mariners
cheese (11-), pepperoni (13-) or Pacific (14-) available.

*Seasonal Pizza* -Please ask our server as to our current seafood pizza. Our rotating pies include Dungeness Crab, Tillamook Bay butter clams, smoked chinook salmon, Cajun shrimp and calamari. Pies may not always be available.

*All Pies are 14"    8 slices, serves 2-3
*Gluten free crust 10" available  $4 
*Vegan cheese available
* Pre payment required for telephone To Go orders over $50
$1 To Go charge for all to go pizzas
* No 1/2 & 1/2 pizzas
*Substitutions will be considered, but not guaranteed.
*We reserve the right to limit modifications to the pizzas.
-Prices are subject to change without notice-


Fior de Latte/sweet cream
Nocciola/Hazelnut/Oregonians know them as Filberts
Oregon Strawberry
Rhubarb sorbetto (dairy free)
Lime sorbetto (dairy free)

gato.....9  Double shot of espresso poured on top of a cup of gelato
Bierlato....10  Your choice of gelato added to a stout or porter

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The Rest


Our well crafted taps include beer, cider and mead. Most are from local, coastal breweries when possible. We offer several red and white wine varieties from Oregon, Italy and California. We have a wide variety of bottle and canned beers, seltzers and non-alcoholic drinks. There is something for everyone.

Espresso is from Nossa Familia roasted in Portland.

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