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A fun and high-energy group with a local focus on delicious, traditional Napoletana pizza and gelato.

Napoletana pizza is very different from "American" pizza. It is a thinner pie cooked at higher temperatures (800 degrees). It is known for its "cornicione" (puffy, crunchy and chewy crust).  Our dough is fermented for at least 3 days which gives the dough its flavor and structure. It also eases digestion and lowers the glycemic impact (which is good for your health). We rarely see any crust left behind by our patrons. When it is placed in the oven the cornicione (crust) develops gas bubbles that causes it to rise and puff up. This very thin layer of dough will develop "leopard spots" and char and look black. When touched these bubbles will crumble. This is normal. This is in the true Italian way. Dozens of Italian customers we have had often request super charring. It is not burnt. If you want less char or extra char, please let us know.

We realize that this pizza is not for everyone. It is not a thick crust nor it is loaded with an inch of toppings. Too many toppings and the crust will not cook properly and will be soggy and limp. Traditional Napoletana pizzas usually have less than 4 toppings. We have broken that rule on many of our pies, but our dough recipe is a little more forgiving.

We do not do half and half pies. Our oven would cook one side great and the other not so much. We are not a design your own pizza establishment. There are other places in our community that have ovens that are at lower temps that can accommodate you. We support them as well. Everyone needs options.

Our flour and toppings are the best available. We make our own dough, make our own sausage, slice our own Italian cured prosciutto. We do not have anything with preservatives, chemicals, or additives. Our tomatoes are from Italy grown at the base of Mt Vesuvius. Our flour is the finest from Italy. Even our gelato is small batch, hand made in this small restaurant. We even adjusted the pH of the water in our dough using lemon juice. We are trying to provide the highest quality product to our community. Our kitchen was intentionally designed so you can see everything we do.

Our pizzas will come at a higher price. Our flour is triple the cost of standard pizza flour. All our ingredients cost more. Occasionally, we will have to adjust the price as our costs change. Like the market price of Dungeness crab, we use it for our Crab Rock pizza. We pay our employee’s above minimum wage. They are part of our brand and they are incredibly valuable to us.

To go… This is the American way. We like a good pizza at home while we enjoy family and friends. That said, our pizzas are best enjoyed fresh out of the oven. Stick a thin crust pizza in a box, drive 20+ minutes and it will not be the same pie. The heat and humidity on a thin crust will often take away the “crunchy” from our crust. Reheating is best done in an air fryer or in an oven with pre-heated cast iron. Do not use a microwave.

Our goal is to have 100% happy customers. Our customers are often our neighbors, Coast Guard, Fire and Police department and other members of this amazing community.

I hope this explains what we are about and what we are doing here. We are committed to Garibaldi and all our neighbors.

Please say hi to Theresa, Bill, and our staff. We love talking to our customers.

The Crab Rock Pizza Story

All About Us

As native Oregonians that love this beautiful land we call home, we warmly welcome you to our world of food, community, and service. 

We both have spent our lives in service to our community, whether through the military or nursing.

We created Crab Rock Pizza/Garibaldi Gelato to share our love of great, wholesome, and traditional food with our community. 

Theresa has always been passionate about food - from seed to table. She shares her love of nutrition with her patients or anyone who will listen. Consider yourself warned. Bill will be more than available to swap navy stories or talk about one of the many brews on tap. 

We promise to serve food made from scratch and in a traditional Italian style, often with a NW twist. 

We are so glad you chose to dine with us!

Buono Appetito! 

Theresa & Bill

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